Jeevamrut Application Through Drip Irrigation, Low Cost Set Up


These days several companies have started selling Jeevamrut Filtration Units for price range Rs. 30,000 to 70,000. However their system does not work with 10% cow dung. So they advise to reduce quantity of cow dung to 5% whih is not correct.

For preparation of a simple Settlement Filter, Take a 500 litre water tank.

Fit two valves of different sizes.
Larger 2″ Ball Valve at the tank bottom for flushing out.

Smaller 3/4″ Ball Valve at about 10-12″ height from the bottom.

Now, when Jeevamrut is being prepared keep stirring it twice daily. But stop disturbing the solution 8 hours before you would like to extact Filtered Jeevamrut from the tank.

This will cause heavy particles from Cow dung to settle at the bottom of the tank. And light fibres will float at the top.

From 3/4″ valve u will get 400 litres clear liquid which can be very easily passed thrugh filter cloth and applied through venturi of drip. Remaining 100 litre should be applied manually or can be used as a culture one more time by replenishing 400 litres water. However this soultion will have less microbes.

From 1 tank you wil get 400 litre Filtered Jeevamrut. Rest 100 kg slurry can be applied manually. Or this culture can be reused once again to prepare Jeevamrut but in diluted form.

Cost of set up is Rs. 3500 maximum.

400 litre × 10 days/month = 4000 litre Jeevamrut / month

On 10 acres farm it will be 400 litre / acre / month

If needed you can make two such tanks of 500 litre each. Total set up cost will be Rs. 7000/- only. Dont go for one single 1000 litre tank as stirring becomes a problem.

Its important to have a levelled platform as base for the tank.

Please do share your experience.


Q. For 200 Litres how much cowdung and what else is required
Ans. 20 kg Cow Dung
10-20 litre Gaumutra
1-2 kg Besan
1-2 kg Jaggery
250 gram Soil from Bund of the farm periphery (preferably from below tree shade)

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