Materials Required For GhanaJeevamrutham

Cow dung – 10 kgs
Cow urine – As Per Requirementpeas
besan powder –  250 grms
Jaggery – 250 grms
Anthill Soil – fist full


Take cow dung and add besan to it and mix thoroughly. Now add Grated jaggery and slowly blend it with cow urine (consistency must be like Chapathi Dough) Excessive Use of Cow Urine May Loosen the Mix. After mixing all these ingredients thoroughly, make medium size balls and let them dry under shade.  Do not expose the balls to sunlight, that would hinder the growth of microbes.

After seven days when the balls are completely dried, we can store and use them for our plants.

Ghana Jeevamrutham Materials
Ghana Jeevamrutham Materials