Zero Budget Natural Farming Trees Malabar Neem (Melia dubia) Details

Malabar Neem (Melia dubia) is a tropical deciduous tree that grows up to 20 meters height. The tree is one of the fast growing species under irrigated conditions. It can be harvested early i.e. within 4 years for plywood production or for paper industry. Long term harvest beyond 7-15 years ensures good quality timber with advancing years of maturity that can be used for construction.

The softwood trees are suitable for plywood production and paper pulp industry, which make them the favorites for farmers to cultivate them in Agro-forestry systems along with vegetables, groundnut and banana. It will grow best in well-drained fertile soils with ample moisture supply. The tree will grow erect with a single trunk up to 3 meter (10 ft.) height or more without branching when pruning side shoots or nipping the nodal buds is done.


In 2 years

In 4 years

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