Plant protection in Zero budget natural farming

Plant Protection

In the event of outbreak of insects and diseases the farmer can himself prepare
home made pesticides and use it on the crops.


a) Butter milk fermented for five days 5 litres
b) Water 50 litres

Fungicide –II

a) Desi cow milk 5 litres
b) Black Pepper Powder 200 grams
c) Water 200 litres

Insecticide- I

a) Powder of neem seed or Neem leaves 20 kg
b) Water 200 litres

Insecticide- II

a) Cow dung 5 kg
b) Cow urine 10 litres
c) Neem leaves 10 kg
d) Water 200 litres

This mixture is particularly effective against aphids, jassids, mealy bugs and
white flies.

Insecticide – III

a) Neem leaves 10 kg
b) Tobacco powder 3 kg
c) Garlic paste 3 kg
d) Green chillies paste 4 kg

The above ingredients should be soaked in cow urine for ten days.

About 3 litres of this mixture can be mixed with 100 litres of water and sprayed on crops.

The above mentioned fungicides and insecticides can be prepared by the farmer himself and used either as prophylactic or as curative measure for control of crop pests.

If the economic injury to crops due to pests is less than five percent, it should be deemed to be ‘return to nature’ and no plant protection measures should be taken.