15 points before choosing the MLM company

  1. Company’s standing in the market
  2. Who manages the company
  3. Uniqueness of the products offered by company- Most important ( Patent, sourcing etc)
  4. whether com. has own products or buying from others
  5. Do company has R&D of their own
  6. Never get mislead by product packaging
  7. Try to look for real testimonials of the products
  8. Do the company policies stable or they keep on changing. Some comapnies keep on changing their plan for whatever reason.
  9. Very important- Has the company complied with new MLM laws in India.
  10. Never get trapped with the company enrolling members without products of their own.
  11. If the income generation mode is commission on member joining than that kind of company is illegal.
  12. Do the company has refund policy within 30 days.
  13. Does company force you for compulsory purchase
  14. Are you able to buy products of your choice or company’s choice
  15. Never take decision based on the stories of their past and present – Take decision based on your wisdom.