System (VS) is a very simple, practical, inexpensive, low maintenance and very effective means of soil and water conservation, sediment control, land stabilization and rehabilitation, and phyto-remediation. Being vegetative it is also environmental friendly. When planted in single rows vetiver plants will form a hedge which is very effective in slowing and spreading run off water, reducing soil erosion, conserving soil moisture and trapping sediment and farm chemicals on site. Although any hedges can do that, vetiver grass, due to its extraordinary and unique morphological and physiological characteristics, can do it better than all other systems tested. In addition, the extremely deep and massively thick root system of vetiver binds the soil and at the same time makes it very difficult for it to be dislodged under high velocity water flows. This very deep and fast growing root system also makes vetiver very drought tolerant and highly suitable for steep slope stabilization.